• School finishes on Wednesday 17 October (12 at PD, 12.15 at HT). We start back on Monday 29 October

Sport Relief 2014

24 March 2014

Sport Relief is just a great excuse to do lots of lovely sporty things and raise some money for great causes.

Last week at Holy Trinity all of the children ran, jogged, walked and skipped their way through a mile up on Pewley Downs. As usual, they were all so enthusiastic and I think surprised themselves how manageable a mile truly is! We also took time to reflect on how lucky we are to be able to do these things at our school in such beautiful surroundings.

In a slightly different atmosphere, the children at swim club this week were all quietly determined to clock up their own miles either as individuals or as a team. How impressive it was to watch them plough up and down 2561 lengths they collectively completed a total of 36 miles with 22 children achieving their own personal mile!

Meanwhile the children vs. staff dodgeball lived up to expectations with the staff on the receiving end of a few well-placed dodgeballs!

How lucky we are to have children who are so enthusiastic and energetic. A big thanks to all of them and to parents, relatives and friends for your sponsorship.

We also have had children versus parents’ football and netball this week.