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No 179

01 May 2020

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Firstly, my weekly message to the children,

It was just lovely to see so many of you on Zoom this week. Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face! You are all so cheerful and hopeful, and again you proved to me what a fantastic school community we have, working so hard every day and living out our school values even though we’re apart. Well done to you all! You’ve made a great start on the summer term.

This week’s assembly theme is about being unique. In the Bible, Jesus talked about being poor in spirit. I think he meant that we each need to have a clear view of who we are…not being boastful or looking down on others but instead realising that each one of us is equal in God’s sight. He said that was how to become part of the kingdom of heaven. I think our school value that says that each one of us is treasured and loved as a unique child of God helps us to remember this. As part of HTPD, each one of us plays an important part. And saying hello to each one of you on Zoom reminded me of each one of your individual, unique characters. I hope that you know how special each one of you is!

Did you know that bees are pretty special too? The way that they make honey and pollinate blossom so that we can enjoy delicious fruit later in the year; how they build their hexagonal honey combs, and organise their beehives so that each bee has a different job; even the fact that they can fly…they are quite remarkable! Hopefully my little video on Twitter of a bee on my apple tree at home will help you to remember that you should “Bee special”!

I hope you’ve managed to view the toilet roll videos. It’s been fun for all the teachers to put them together – and the message at the end about how much we miss you all is so true!

Have another good week of learning at home.

And now to our parents and carers:

Thank you so much for your ongoing support through this tough time. It seems so much longer than the few weeks since we moved into HTPD-at home! Like you, I’m looking forward to hearing about how our lockdown is going to end. We don’t currently have any information about schools re-opening that hasn’t been shared on national news. I will of course be in touch if there is any further detail.

We know that for many of you, learning at home is exhausting, so we have added a couple of new features to our suggestions for things to do. Firstly, take a look at Laura’s information below about “real PE at home”. This is a new free online resource that might give you some ways to help the children stay active – all the login details are below.

Also, a team of staff has put together some extra ideas for optional fun activities. These will be available each Friday on the usual JTLYK pages under the title “Friday Fun”. Of course all of this is completely voluntary, just like our daily ideas pages. Feel free to adapt and use whatever works best for you.

One set of national survey results that I read earlier this week was surprising – apparently many families are so busy finding online activities, fitting in Zoom sessions, and trying so hard to keep up with tasks set by schools that they’ve not had time to hear their child read. If you do nothing else, this is the one thing that will help your child during this time away from school. Just snuggling up together with a book each day will be the best way to make sure your child is fine whenever we start back. Hearing children read, reading aloud to them, asking questions about their book and just showing how much you value stories will pass on a love of reading which has such a massive impact. And it’s great for our mental health too – getting lost in someone else’s adventure can take our mind off our worries and fears.

Enjoy a book this weekend.

With love and prayers,


Thought of the week: Bee special! Do you like yourself? “Happy are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.” Matthew 5 v3.

Whole School

Real PE at home:
Since schools closed many online PE resources have been made available to parents and schools for free and one that has caught our eye is “real PE at home”.

“real PE at home” is an online programme that families can dip in and out of to find something that will suit every child learning at home. The weekly activity timetable includes programmes specifically for children in Early Years (3-5yrs) and Key Stage 1 (5-7yrs) with over 250 activities and challenges. This programme looks great for family play and fun. For children in Key Stage 2 (7-11yrs) there are personal best challenges and skills and games designed specifically for the home and garden.

Here are the details to access real PE at home: The website address is: home.jasmineactive.com
Parent email: parent@holytrinit-1.com
Password: holytrinit

Key worker families
Sadly, our kitchen is now closed. We are no longer able to provide either lunch or a fruit snack. Please do send the children in with a packed lunch and with a piece of fruit or veg for their morning snack. Any queries about this, do get in touch with the office.

Other Notices

Family Games & Quiz Night
Many of you will know Michael, Geraldine's husband, from our wonderful school Quiz Night. Michael has asked us to share details of a Family Games and Quiz night on Saturday evening from 5-7pm that he is hosting on behalf of the Matrix Trust who work with children and young people across the town.

The format is going to be aimed very much at all the family stuck at home, and school years 3 to 8 - although hopefully it will be fun for other ages too. But, for reasons that will become clear, it is not something you can join with other families to form virtual teams. There is no cost to join in, but we will point out ways you can support them during the evening. Please go to the Booking Page to register so we they have an idea of numbers. https://thematrixtrust.churchsuite.co.uk/events/xlpwjy33