No. 230

20 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a lovely end to a remarkable year! I hope that your children had a good day today. They certainly deserve a restful summer break, as do our amazing teaching team!

I’ve just arrived home after the Year 6 leavers’ barbeque and disco – what a lovely summer’s evening spent wishing our Year 6 children on their way. They are certainly well placed for a move on to secondary school and we all feel confident that they are “embracing the future with hope and confidence”. They have been a superb year group, demonstrating resilience, achieving excellence across the curriculum, and demonstrating to the younger children how to live life to the full! We will miss them all.

Finally, thank you all for your good wishes, kind words and generous gifts to our staff team. We have all been so touched by your generosity and appreciation. Thank you!

For those families that are moving on, we wish you well and hope that your memories of happy times at HTPD live long into the future. For those still with us next year, we look forward to welcoming you back to school on Thursday 2nd September. Until then, enjoy a wonderful summer holiday!

With love,


Arrangements for the new academic year

Wednesday 1 September: Inset Day
Wednesday 1 September: Coffee Morning for new Year 3 families in the school hall at 10.30am
Thursday 2 September: Children back to school (Years 1 – 6). Separate arrangements for Year R.

Start and finish times

3A, 3S, 3C and 4N starting at 8.30am and finishing at 3.05pm
4A, 4EL, 5J and 6S starting at 8.35am and finishing at 3.10pm
5K, 5T, 6T and 6D starting at 8.40am and finishing at 3.15pm
Drop-off between 8.40am and 8.50am; finishing at 3.00pm
Please see the ParentMails sent yesterday, 19 July for further details including drop-off and collection points at Pewley Down.


Teacher-led clubs Years 1 & 2
Details of teacher-led clubs for the autumn term will be sent out on ParentMail today. Forms must be submitted by Wednesday 1 September. We will notify you of your child’s allocated activity by Friday 3 September.

No. 229

16 July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Despite the disappointment this week of covid cases rising locally and the sadness of having to close a class bubble in Year 3, I’ve been struck by how brilliantly the school community has coped throughout this past year. In this my penultimate newsletter of the year, I want to thank all of you. Talking to the children as they left early, facing another few days of remote learning and having to quickly say a sudden farewell to their friends and to their teacher, made me realise that we have a lot to celebrate. Our motto, “Learn to live” has been put to the test in so many situations this year – and the children have resiliently flourished. As we come to the end of term, I’m feeling reflective and thankful for the journey that we’ve shared.

Thinking of each of our values in turn, I’m sure you would also find things to be thankful for. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed:

“A zest for learning and love of life” – it’s been fantastic watching our activity weeks and fun daytrips bring so much enthusiasm and joy, rewarding children’s excellent progress described in each individual’s report, seeing topic books bursting with super work and hearing children talk about all that they’ve achieved and what they look forward to in the year that lies ahead.

“Everyone knowing that they are treasured and loved as a unique child of God” – I love the diversity and rich variety of our school family, with all the children, staff, and parents too, knowing that they bring something special to the whole.

“Seeing heaven in the moment” – probably the most individual of our values, with everyone’s own perspective on what heaven might be like being so different, but I’ve enjoyed seeing in children’s faces the wonder of belonging, the joy and exuberance of having fun together, and the satisfaction children gain from being inspired to be creative.

“Imagining the journey in another’s footsteps” – the respect and empathy shown throughout the pandemic in our school community has been astonishing; children have followed our instructions about keeping one another safe, families have adhered to the restrictive guidance, staff have courageously adapted to teach in entirely different circumstances, and all has been done with smiles, encouragement and kindness. Thank you so much for your forbearance, patience and understanding. Your kindness has made a significant difference. Headteachers nationally describe the intolerable strain that they have faced – you have made the burden easier to carry.

“Embracing the future with hope and confidence” – as the children contemplate the end of their time in each year group, I’m delighted by their attitude to what lies ahead. With a growing excitement, with the holidays just around the corner, and for some children on the threshold of big changes to come, there has been a steady assurance in school that all will be well. Knowing that God is with us has been an assembly theme throughout the term; whatever challenges we walk through, His constant love will not let us down. With Him carrying us, we can face the most difficult of times.

As I say, our values may well help you to reflect on the past year; I hope you find them as helpful as I do! Your children, in living them out, are certainly living life in all its fullness.

With love,

Thought of the Week: Be hopeful! What does it feel like to arrive home?

Whole School

Dates for the diary
Tuesday 20 July : Last Day of Term
Wednesday 21 July : Inset Day - School Closed

We are looking to appoint 2 part-time 1:1 SEN TA's. Please see the vacancies tab on our website for more details or email Bev on if you are interested.


Swimming for Year 2 September
In preparation for swimming lessons next term, Year 1 children will be bringing home a Child Information Form this afternoon. Please could you complete and return these by next Tuesday 20 July. Many thanks.

Golden Boot Challenge
The final scores for the Golden Boot Challenge were very close, but the winner with the highest average scores was Oak Class. Beech class were the runners up. Winners and runners up will all receive a Golden Boot badge.

Lost property
Any un-named lost property will be put out in the front playground after school on Monday, 19th. Please have a look through if you have missing items.

Year R request
It's that time of year when lots of families will be clearing out toys and books etc. that are still in great condition and useable! We would love you to look out for the following things and, if you have any that you're planning to re-home, consider donating them to Reception. We're on the lookout for:

  • Wooden toys (e.g. cots, high chairs, chairs, ironing board, smaller wooden games, other wooden items)
  • Wooden train set (and trains!)
  • Toy cars (metal or wooden ones)
  • Baby dolls (the ones that are fully washable and ones that don't have the soft body)
  • Baby clothes
  • China crockery (small pots and pans etc. The crockery can be children's or adult things - no plastic please)
  • Children's gardening tools (e.g. spades, forks, wheelbarrows, brooms, rakes etc.)
  • Reading scheme books that you used whilst your child was learning to read (particularly the 'Songbirds' ones, Usborne, or any Oxford University Press ones)
  • Space-themed toys (e.g. puzzles, solar system, rockets etc.)
  • Small world role play things (e.g. a hospital, vets, police station, school etc.)
  • Construction things

If you have any of these items that you'd like to donate to Reception, please email Catherine ( first. Similarly, if you have got something that you think may be useful but isn't on our list, do email us! Thank you so, so much! Reception Team.

Menu for week beginning 19 July
Mon: Macaroni Cheese or Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Garlic Bread; Homemade Flapjack
Tues: Crispy Fish Fingers & Chips or Cheese & Tomato Pizza; Chocolate Cake
Weds: Inset Day – school closed
Thurs: Summer holidays!
Selection of seasonal vegetables available daily.


No after School Clubs next week – they are finished for the term.

Lunch Menu - Week 1 (Mon and Tues)


Hello all and welcome to the final FOPS news of the school year.

It has been an odd year for the committee and I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered and supported us during the past months. We have managed to keep going and raise funds and a full report will be announced in September's AGM.

Sophie, Debbie and I held a FOPS meeting last night and have scheduled some fantastic events for next term. Hopefully as restrictions ease we will be able to meet more in person and partake in the wonderful community of Pewley Down School.

Have a wonderful break over the summer and see you next term.

Kate, Sophie and Debbie.

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