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Year 6 Preston Montford

23 June 2015

Drills outside the School Room at Blists Hill.
Story time on the Stiperstones.


Healthy Week at the Infants

19 June 2015

One of the highlights of Healthy Week at Pewley was when everyone took the kite they had made to the Downs. It was a fantastic sight to see so many kites flying in the air at the same time!

Hannah from Boogie Pumps taught everyone highly energetic dance routines.

Lee taught us clever skipping games and tricks.

We all made a kite and flew it on the Downs.

We did lots of exercise every day and learned all about healthy living - it was great fun!

Blue Hair Day Cake Sale

18 June 2015

Well done and thank you to everyone who was involved in the cake sale today to raise awareness of the Blue Hair Day that is happening on 26 June, for more information please click here. Will you go blue? Thanks also to Sainsbury's Guildford High Street for donating so many cakes!

Year 4 at Bentley Copse

04 June 2015


Year 1 at the Wild Place

04 June 2015

Year One enjoyed the beautiful weather at the Wild Place this week. We had a busy time playing phonics games, sharing stories and having fruit time and playtime. Thanks again to Hana Simpson (mum to Liam in Year 2) and her colleagues from Skipton Building Society for working so hard to make the Wild Place a wonderful resource for the school to use.

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