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Collective Worship - Assemblies

Children are spiritual beings who often think deeply and hold serious convictions.

We regard it as a privilege to work with young people to ponder the more profound questions of life and faith. In our school spirituality is seen in joyful singing and dance, and in silent meditation and prayer. As a Church School we seek to nurture in the heart and minds of our children the knowledge and love of God. We provide them with an experience of Christian Community which will influence and shape the rest of their lives.

Assemblies are a high point of the day, expressing our general ethos of mutual respect, laughter and love. Our school motto, "Learn to Live" is taken from Jesus' words; "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full".

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from religious education lessons and from acts of collective worship should you wish to do this, please contact the Headteacher.

Summer 2020

This term's assemblies are based on some of Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew's gospel. In the Bible, they’re called the “Beatitudes” (which just means blessings) but we have a little play on that word and introduce Mr Bumble to help us learn about bees! It turns out that “Bee-attitudes” are quite helpful for understanding what Jesus was saying! We'll also take a different colour from the rainbow each week to explore our circumstances, our feelings, and God's message to us. It’s amazing how relevant this passage is for our current situation. As the term goes by, we’ll work together to think about the ways to stay hopeful even when times are tough.

Week 1 - Bee Special
Week 2 - Bee Together
Week 3 - Bee Hopeful
Week 4 - Bee Satisfied
Week 5 - Bee Kind
Week 6 - Bee Pure 
Week 7 - Bee a Peacemaker
Week 8 - Bee Strong
Week 9 - Bee Creative
Week 10 - Bee Calm
Week 11 - Bee Loving

Spring 2020

Face to Face with Jesus: "Pick a P"
I’m sure your children have been telling you about this term’s assembly series; it’s been a lot of fun introducing all the different facets of our weekly programme. At the juniors, the week starts with a hilarious episode of the One Show, and a highlight at the infants is a Friday puppet show which recaps what we’ve been learning. At both sites, there’s a house challenge involving peas – all linked into the theme, each week beginning with a P! Amongst the laughter, there are really poignant moments of reflection, opportunities for prayer and joyful singing. It’s a great way to bring the school together as a community. The term’s series is called “Face to Face” and it revolves around a weekly encounter with a character from the New Testament who met Jesus; each person’s life was transformed. We will be reflecting on how compassionately Jesus treated people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, as well as looking at Bible promises of God’s love.

Week 1 - Purpose
Week 2 - Patience
Week 3 - Pensive
Week 4 - Passionate
Week 5 - Paces
Week 6 - Polite
Week 7 -  Pals

Autumn 2019

Wise Words
This term, we’re thinking about Wisdom. The Book of Proverbs in the Bible is a good place to start with its wise and varied sayings – each week, our assemblies will highlight one, together with an Old Testament Bible character. This will then be the backbone to all the discussions, drama and stories in assembly. There’s always plenty of laughter included too – at the juniors we've been joined on a Friday by an opera expert, Sue Prano. And at the infants we're taking part in weekly episodes of Ready Steady Cook! As well as thinking wisely, we're encouraging wise healthy choices too. Amazingly, the Mr Men and Little Miss stories are also surprisingly helpful! Which character best reflects your personality? Mr Happy? Little Miss Curious? Or Mr Strong? We'll be "imagining the journey in another's footsteps" as we think about how different we all are, and remembering that each of us is "treasured and loved as a unique child of God."

Week 1 - Little Miss Wise
Week 2 - Mr Slow
Week 3 - Little Miss Curious
Week 4 - Mr Impossible
Week 5 - Mr Worry
Week 6 - Mr Greedy
Week 7 - Mr Dizzy
Week 8 - Little Miss Twins
Week 9 - Mr Strong
Week 10 - Mr Wrong
Week 11 - Mr Noisy 
Week 12 - Little Miss Sunshine 
Week 13 - Mr Topsy Turvey


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