• Easter Garden Making at HT on Monday 26 March - see link below for details

Class Reps
3T Colleen Webley colleenwebley@gmail.com
3T Suzy Delves suzybodycombe@yahoo.com
3S Anna Earl robandannaearl@btinternet.com
3S Carol Andrews carol@semaphorehouse.co.uk
3A Katy Mansell me@katy.me
4R Sue Williams sue.m.williams@icloud.com
4R Kirsty Thomson kirstyjbthomson@hotmail.com
4J Amy Cashmore cashmoreinsight@gmail.com
4J Michelle Horsfield michelle.horsfield@googlemail.com
4S Suzanne Evans meggles06@gmail.com
4S Emma Dona emmaadona@hotmail.com
5N Nik Badain nikpilbrow@gmail.com
5N Lianne Hovington lianne219@hotmail.com
5N Alice Castle alicemc2002@yahoo.co.uk
5L Jo Butler joanne.butler@gmail.com
5C Marilena Koronaiou citysickness@yahoo.com
5C Sasja McCann andisasja@yahoo.co.uk
6J Sue Ely sue.ely71@gmail.com
6J Becca Clegg becca.clegg@ntlworld.com
6T Alida van der Dussen alidavanderdussen@gmail.com
6H Fiona Mavani fionamavani@hotmail
6H Pip Godsill pippagodsill@gmail.com
6H Danielle Thumwood danielle@thumwoodsecurity.co.uk


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